Beekeeping Veil White Polyester Mesh Veils & Hats Ventilated Standard.
Beekeeping Veil White Polyester Mesh Veils & Hats Ventilated Standard.
Beekeeping Veil White Polyester Mesh Veils & Hats Ventilated Standard.
Beekeeping Veil White Polyester Mesh Veils & Hats Ventilated Standard.

Beekeeping Veil White Polyester Mesh Veils & Hats Ventilated Standard

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Beekeeping Veil ARE Designed by USkeepers, a professional manufacturer of beekeeping Safety and Protection wear. This POLYESTER MESH VIEL is very soft but protective for beekeeping jobs.

Concerning about your COMFORT and SAFETY we only use the best Fabrics, Strong and Reliable material, and tough stitching for protection when you need it most. This VEIL is specially made for all kinds of temperatures, because of the fabric and ventilation system used.

With 100 % Thick Cotton, POLYESTER MESH, the veil is designed for both Beginners and Professionals beekeepers. Different features of the veil make it Comfortable, Protective, and Durable.


  • High-Quality Polyester Mesh
  • 100% Cotton Upper Head
  • Arms Wear Adjustment
  • Elasticized Bottom
  • Hanging Hook at Head Part
  • Elastic Tape Adjustment Under Chin


Without protection going near bees may have dangerous consequences. That is why maximum protection is recommended.

This Beekeeping Veil is a small piece of great protection. Sometimes we take a short visit to BEES for different purposes. Instead of wearing the complete Beekeeping Kit, you like to use short protection for your head and face, because that is the most vulnerable part of the body. This Beekeeping Veil is very light, easy to take on and off, very comfortable, and has complete protection around the Head and Face.



Most part of the Beekeeping Veil is made of very High-Quality Polyester Mesh. It is completely ventilated, light, visible, and more importantly, STINGS PROOF.


Though most part of the Beekeeping Veil is made of Polyester Mesh, the upper side of the head very thick cotton is used to make the Beekeeping Veil white more durable and provides your head with complete protection. The cotton fabric is thick enough to avoid BEE Stings.


The Beekeeping Veil white is sleeveless, though you can wear it like a shirt put around your shoulders to adjust around your chest part. At the bottom, an elastic tape is professionally stitched to close tightly the Veil around your Chest. That will avoid any kind of entrance of bees from the bottom side. The same elastic tape is used around the sleeves. No need to Zip on or unzip, it will adjust automatically.



This Beekeeping Veil is very easy to take on and off. There are no Zips to open or close. An elastic tape is beautifully and professionally stitched around the sleeves and at the bottom side around the chest part. It will adjust automatically around your body and will protect against any BEE entrance.

Another elastic tape is available inside the Veil, stitched around the head part. You can use this tape for adjustment and make sure the Veil is well-fitted around your head. There are no sleeves, so your arms will be fully released to perform the quick jobs easily.


The cotton-made hook is available at top of the Veil to hang the Veil safely anywhere.